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FBI releases Steve Jobs’ file

The FBI has released, and posted on its web site, Steve Jobs’ 191-page FBI file. The file consists of a 1991 background investigation conducted when Jobs was being considered for an appointment to the President’s Export Council in the Bush I White House, and records of a 1985 bomb threat against him.

The file includes the results of interviews with Jobs and those who knew him. The records reinforce the picture of Jobs that has been known to many followers of his career and Apple. Biographer Walter Isaacson’s best-selling book about Jobs, released last year, outlines his use of drugs and mercurial personality. While many people interviewed by the FBI described Jobs favorably, some said he wasn’t always truthful.

“Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs’s honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals,” according to the materials released by the FBI.

FBI File Steve Jobs (1991)

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