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History of the Apple Ads (1978 – 2008)



  1. I’m very sure that my mind (memory) is NOT playing a trick on me … I’m remembering a mutual video (ad?) by Apple and Microsoft kept in a late 1960’s flower power kind of style and MAYBE (I’m not sure about that) with the hit-single “So happy together” as music-score. I might have been 1997 after Microsoft “lending” Apple 150 mio USD … does anyone else remember this and do you have the video or a link to it … haven’t been Apple finding anything using Google search!?!?!?!

  2. Hello, I remember a print advertisment where a guy was sitting in the kitchen and checked his market rates or something. His wife was cleaning the kitchen.
    I think this was one of the first advertisers for using the internet at home. Does anybody know where i can get that picture?

    many thanks from Hamburg


  3. I was employed by Mintek to organize and run the Information department at Mintek in 1969.

    Mintek was an offshoot of the Faculty of the University of Witwatersrand who specialized in Mineral and metallurgical technology, Research and Development of Mining Techniques for the extraction and processing minerals and metals from South African Ores.
    On the Randburg Campus over 90 scientist and Engineers with Ph.d qualifications were employed assisted by technicians to make up a work complement of of over 900 people.
    I had come from the South African Printing Industry.
    Prior to me joining Mintek there was a major change from typesetting using lead to using cold setting directly onto film for offset lithography.
    International Business Machines, The Monotype Corporation and The Linotype Corporation, Compugraphic Corporation, Microsoft had made machines that could image onto Lith Film.
    .All of these technologies were limited as imaging onto Lith film was tedious and very slow.
    Pagemaker was the most advanced process that could be handle the assembly of colur separated lith positives into single pages for imposition.
    I was one of the first people to get Apple and Microsoft to produce CMYK positive for offset lithographic printing.


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