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Steve Jobs

The Legend of Steve Jobs – His Life and Career

Steve Jobs combined his visions with art and technology in order to bring products to the market that have changed the lives of millions of people. He founded Apple and the computer industry, was fired, and twelve years later saved the company from bankruptcy. Afterwards, he pushed through a series of innovations that were really enough for seven lives. After his early death, not only his fans are wondering how Apple will deal with Steve Jobs’ legacy.

Apple People

Ron Wayne – The third Apple founder

When you talk about the founders of Apple, you first think of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Jobs, the far-sighted business strategist - and...

Tim Cook pledges for a federal privacy law

In his most political speech ever Apple chief executive Tim Cook has demanded a tough new US data protection law. Referring to the misuse of "deeply...

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Apple iMac G5 Introduction Video

httpv:// YouTube - Apple iMac G5 Introduction Video.