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Apple Campaign "Get a Mac" (2)

See also: Apple Campaign “Get a Mac” (Part 1)


Tree Trimming
– A holiday animated Get a Mac commercial. Mac and PC set aside their disagreements and decide to trim a Christmas tree by hanging ornaments and stringing lights. Mac tells PC that they are good friends while PC gets nervous. When they are finished, PC does not want to light the lights on the tree. Mac persuades him to do so. PC plugs the trees lights in and they light up and say: “PC RULES”. He apologies to Mac and says that it just sort of happened. The animation is like the Get a Mac Santa Claus ad in Rankin/Bass clay animation style.


I Can Do Anything
– A holiday animated Get a Mac commercial. PC asks Mac why he loves the holidays so much. Mac says it is the season for Peace on Earth. PC says that they get to be animated and they can do anything. PC demonstrates by floating in the air, building a snowman in fast motion, and talking to animals. PC asks a bunny hopping by where he is going. The bunny replies by saying he’s going to the Apple Store for some last minute gifts. PC then purposely tips the snowman’s head off making it fall on the bunny and apologies. The animation is like the Get a Mac Santa Claus ad in Rankin/Bass clay animation style.


Time Traveler
– PC uses a time machine to travel to the year 2150 to see if any major issues (such as freezing and crashing) have been removed from the PC and to see if PCs are as ‘hassle-free’ as Macs. Promptly after PC arrives at 2150, future PC literally freezes which “answered that question”.


– PC is searching through all of his pictures, trying to find a photograph of his friend. PC is searching one picture at a time, but Mac states that iPhoto has a feature called Faces, in which you tag the face of a person and iPhoto finds other pictures of the same person, putting them all into the same folder and saving search time. PC responds to the facial recognition technology as expensive, and tells Mac to sort the pictures instead because he has the technology to make it easier.


Legal copy
– Every time PC says something positive about himself, the legal copy that appears on the screen increases. He finally states that ‘PCs are now 100% trouble-free’, and the legal copy covers the whole screen.


Biohazard Suit
– PC first appears wearing a biohazard suit to protect himself from PC viruses and malware, which PC says there are 20,000 discovered everyday. Mac asks PC if he is going to live the suit for the rest of his life, and PC cannot hear him because he is too protected by his ‘virus-proof mask’, and takes it off. PC then shrieks and struggles to place it on again.


PC Choice Chat
– PC has started a radio program called, “PC Choice Chat” and is at a table listening to calls. PC keeps ignoring them, and Mac asks questions, which PC does not reply. PC repeatedly uses funny sound effects to cut off the customers’ calls.


– PC attempts to find Megan, a new laptop hunter, the perfect PC. Unfortunately, no PCs are immune to viruses which is Megan’s #1 concern.


Customer Care
– Mac is seen again with Apple Genius, a real life person available to help you with your Mac problems. PC then has a short montage of endless automated customer support automated message, never reaching a real person.




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