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The Mac turns 25 @


Opinion: The top 10 standout Macs of the past 25 years
Launched in January 1984, the first Apple Mac opened the door for a computer revolution that led to the PowerBook, the iMac and even the iPhone. Columnist Michael DeAgonia chooses the 10 Mac models that made the biggest splash.

In the beginning: The making of the Mac
Just how did the first Apple Macintosh computer come to be? The course of events that led to the Mac as we know it was convoluted, the result of luck or coincidence as much as planning. Here’s the story.

The Mac at 25: Successes and regrets, Apple’s had a few
In these heady days when Apple seems to be gaining ground in a number of places and ways, it’s important to remember that everything that followed from the first Mac was not a given. Here’s a look at five successes and five mistakes Apple made during the past 25 years.

Opinion: What will Macs be like in 25 years?
Columnist Seth Weintraub pulls out his crystal ball to predict the future of the Mac — including whether we’ll have Macs at all in 2034.

Timeline: Milestones in the Mac’s history
Take a trip down memory lane as we revisit the Mac’s highs, lows and in-betweens from 1978 to today.



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