History of the Apple Ads (1978 – 2008)

The Classics

The classice Apple spots

“1984” – The famous Super Bowl Ad

“Computer for the rest of us”

Nightmare before Christmas

Office Lemmings

Apple Lisa (1983) with Kevin Costner

Current Campaigns

Get a Mac (2006-2009)

Switch Campaign (2002-2003)

iPhone Spots

iPod Spots

Commercials 1978 – 2000

“iMac Commercials”

Power Mac Commercials

(more to come …)

Check Also

Apple’s 1984 spoof of ‘Ghostbusters’ goes after IBM

This is a 4-minute, uncut version of "Blue Busters", a 1984 takeoff on 'Ghostbusters' that Apple produced to show at the opening of its worldwide sales staff meeting in Hawaii in October 1984. The video includes a cameo appearance by Steve Wozniak.


  1. “1984 The Macintosh introduce” The superspot..!

  2. I’m very sure that my mind (memory) is NOT playing a trick on me … I’m remembering a mutual video (ad?) by Apple and Microsoft kept in a late 1960’s flower power kind of style and MAYBE (I’m not sure about that) with the hit-single “So happy together” as music-score. I might have been 1997 after Microsoft “lending” Apple 150 mio USD … does anyone else remember this and do you have the video or a link to it … haven’t been Apple finding anything using Google search!?!?!?!

  3. Henrik,

    You’re talking about one of Apple’s iMac ads. I had thought it was the FlowerPower ad as well but I cannot find it either.
    In fact here is a link of ALL songs used by Apple for presentations/ads and “Happy Together” released by the Turtles or anyone has never been used.


  4. Hello, I remember a print advertisment where a guy was sitting in the kitchen and checked his market rates or something. His wife was cleaning the kitchen.
    I think this was one of the first advertisers for using the internet at home. Does anybody know where i can get that picture?

    many thanks from Hamburg


  5. @Christian

    Is this the picture you are looking for?

    Best regards, Christoph

    Picture in max. resolution

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