The Spots of the "Switching to Mac" Campaign

Switching to Mac - Watch the ads

Aaron Adams

Alex Schoknecht

Bill Swan

Damon Wright

David Carey

De la Soul

DJ Q-Bert

Ellen Feiss

Gautam Godse

Gianni Jacklone

Janie Porche

Jentry Poss

Juan Proano

Kelly Slater

Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Gibson

Richard Ziskin

Sarah Whistler

Theresa McPherson

Tony Hawks

Santa – Lawyers

Santa – iPod

Hiroatsu Takekura

Keiko Tamura

Kiminori Hirose

Momoko Kikushi

Satoru Yokouchi

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Happy Birthday, Mac

Steve Jobs had assembled a dream team of genius programmers and engineers, whom he urged like a cult leader with flattery and verbal attacks to continually new heights. But the ever-changing demands of Jobs delayed the Mac project, so that the Apple co-founder finally lost his bet against the Lisa team. It was not until the 24th of January 1984, that the Mac was finally ready.

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