Tim Cook about his first year as Apple CEO

NBC News “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” December 6, 2012 Nobody remembers the guy who came after Thomas Edison. And nobody seems to recognize Tim Cook as we walk together across the teeming floor of Grand Central Station. Tim Cook: I’m a very private person, I like my being anonymous As we walk: we’re surrounded … Read more

Apple remembers Steve Jobs on anniversary of his passing

Steve Jobs at WWDC 2008

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook remembered the company’s late cofounder, Steve Jobs on the one-year anniversary of Jobs’ passing. The letter with a video montage appeared on Apple’s website to remember his life and death. The nearly two-minute video presents a slideshow of Jobs throughout his career and it softly ends with “Remembering Steve”. Jobs died … Read more

PBS: Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Few men have changed our everyday world of work, leisure, and human communication in the way that Apple founder, Steve Jobs, has done. This PBS documentary looks not only at how his talent, his style and his imagination have shaped all of our lives, but also at the influences that shaped and moulded the man himself. Since his untimely death, tributes from around the world have secured Steve’s place in the pantheon of great Americans.