Microsoft’s Relationship with Apple

Archrival and Knight in Shining Armor Microsoft and Apple have been business partners and tough competitors for many years. Back in the seventies, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates worked close together. In 1997 the Windows-manufacturer helped Steve Jobs saving Apple. In the early seventies there was no such thing as a personal computer. I took … Read more

Scrollbar History – UI design is difficult

Some interesting UI design history from Jack Wellborn at Worms and Viruses: While watching the video, I couldn’t help but notice two snippets at the 7:36 mark from 1982 about scroll bars. First, an Apple engineer shows how scrolling works in the Lisa, followed immediately by a similar demo from Xerox. This juxtaposition immediately struck … Read more

Did Steve Jobs steal everything from Xerox PARC?

It is claimed again and again that in the course of the Macintosh’s development, Apple just resorted to the ideas the research laboratory Xerox PARC had hatched before. Fact or Fiction?

The myth entwines about a late 1979 visit to Xerox PARC by a group of Apple engineers and executives led by Steve Jobs.

Computer History: Xerox Alto – A Personal Computer

In the mid-1970s, the personal-computer market blossomed with the introduction of the Altair 8800. Each year since has brought us personal computers with more power, faster execution, larger memory, and better mass storage.

Reprinted from Byte, issue 9/1981, pp. 58-68. Source: GUIdebook

Few computer enthusiasts or professionals can look at the machines of today without wondering: What’s next?

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