1983: Steve Jobs introduces the Apple Macintosh ad @ sales meeting in Hawaii

October 23, 1983: Apple founder Steve Jobs swore in his sales teams on the new campaign for the Apple Macintosh. The first Mac was introduces on January 24, 1984. Apple’s famous “1984” television commercial, introducing the Apple Macintosh computer and directed by Ridley Scott, ran on January 22, 1984 at Super Bowl XVIII during a … Read more

Apple Lisa

The Apple Lisa was a personal computer designed at Apple Computer, Inc. during the early 1980s. Officially, “Lisa” stood for “Local Integrated Software Architecture”, but it was also the name of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ daughter. The Lisa project was started at Apple in 1978 and evolved into a project to design a powerful personal … Read more

The Macintosh Design Team – The Making of Macintosh – Part II (Byte – Feb. 1984)

Part I – click here Jobs: Another thing is that you can run RS-422A twisted pairs, which means I can run these things for several hundred meters. I can string lines if I have a laboratory and a computer on my desk, do whatever I want to do. They aren’t DB-25s. We’ve been living with … Read more

Apple III and Apple IIe

Apple III Manufacturer Apple Computer Introduced May 1980 Discontinued April 1984 Price US$7,800[1] CPU Synertek 6502A, 2 MHz RAM 128 KB, expandable to 512 KB, OS Apple Sophisticated OS (SOS) The Apple III (often rendered as Apple ///) was a personal computer aimed at business users, manufactured and sold by Apple from May, 1980 until … Read more